My fiancé and I recently returned from a long weekend to NYC. What a weekend it was! It was full of exciting restaurants, cocktails, shopping, and even a showing of Hamilton. And of course it was a trip to remember because of exciting accessories purchases as well!


I visited the 57th Street store with my fiancé. It would be remiss of me to not mention that a certain bag had caught my eye on Instagram. Additionally, it would be very remiss of me to not share that before my trip, I had a mini flap in this particular bag ordered and being shipped to my door just a few days after the long weekend. But we all know how bag-surprises happen all the time—and also usually at the worst possible time!

I saw this beautiful, pearly rose gold Chanel bag by Instagrammer, @chaseamie. I definitely credit her for igniting the lust I have for this bag. I first saw this rose gold, interestingly referred to as "light gold," in the small, which my Chanel SA took for a mini, as small is located only in Asia. It's important to mention that this colorway is SUCH a chameleon! In certain lights, it appears pink. In others, it appears light gold, some a warm pink, and others shinier. It is truly a beautiful bag. You must see it in person to appreciate it.

My SA was a sweetheart and sold me the last one in the country (that happened to be a return from a good client of his)! He said others were asking, but since I've worked with him for so long, he wanted it to go to me. Nothing beats a really good client/associate relationship; I greatly appreciate the sense of customer loyalty that Chanel stands behind. 


I hadn't yet seen the mini, but as soon as I walked into the store and found help, I asked about this chevron beauty. Unbelievably, they had a medium flap on display inside the store, and I spent a good half-hour trying on the bag and comparing it to a python mini that they had in stock to compare sizes. At the time, I thought the mini was too small, and I even called my SA to tell him that I was going to return the mini! I had fallen in love with the medium and couldn't justify owning both. Let me just tell you, it is hard to say no to both when they are staring you in the face.

It ended up that I went ahead (and was incredibly bad) and purchased the medium from the boutique. (Interestingly, I passed on a wallet that I ended up getting a few weeks later from my loyal SA.) The NYC associate was even able to grab a brand-new chevron medium flap from the back and wrap it beautifully. New purchase in hand, I walked out of the store with a great relief and almost a little trepidation, as this was a purchase I knew I shouldn't have made. But sometimes the best things are those unexpected purchases!

The bag ended up coming with me to dinner at the Polo Club and then to brunch the following morning at Nougatine by Jean Georges. It seems to go with almost any neutral outfit and blends beautifully with its surroundings.


Long story short, I ended up keeping both! The mini looked a little larger in the chevron once I tried it on, and I'm thrilled I am able to have them both remain in my collection. It wasn't without selling a large part of my collection, but Chanel is definitely worth it.

I must admit, however, that these bags are highly susceptible to color transfer. As a person who mostly wears black all year, this is something of which I'm very wary. In fact, I only wore the mini for a weekend and started to see minimal color transfer on the back of the mini. I was able to touch it up with baby wipes and remove most of the color transfer, but anyone who is seeking out this bag should be very aware of how and where you are using these bags.

As mentioned above, I just received the compact flap wallet to match these two bags. I'm sad I missed out on the other SLGs, but I'm happy to even have one to match these two stunning closet additions! Please see below for a variety of pictures taken with these beautiful bags. It is honestly difficult to not take photos of them in any setting. Chanel has really knocked it out of the park with this collection that I will undoubtedly enjoy year-round!