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Easy Come, Easy Go: A Story of Bag Lust and Indecision


Easy Come, Easy Go: A Story of Bag Lust and Indecision

First off, I'm incredibly privileged to even have this "problem", and I'm sure many of you accessories collectors are just as fortunate, too. Have you ever found a bag that was extremely amazing, and you had to get it? But when you got home, there was something that just made you a little unsure about keeping it?

Do you ever navigate to a website that either sells or blogs about bags to just drool at the pictures? About six months ago, I did just that as I scoured the web for my next handbag purchase. Usually I know when it is "The Bag" when over two months pass by and I'm still opening the bookmarked bag page whenever I have free time. In the past, I've made too many mistakes with impulse purchases, and I vowed never to put myself in that place again. Though, I will admit some of them were fabulous...

After saving for a good while and then purchasing the Balenciaga Papier A4 bag, I was ecstatic but also incredibly skeptical. I was yearning for a piece that would satiate all the bag-wants that I've had for a while.

A nude or creme color? Check. Soft, buttery leather? Check. Minimalistic? Check. And it didn't hurt at all that it smelled like the inside of a new car. Just amazing. In fact, I would walk around my apartment carrying the bag to see if I really liked it. Back and forth, back and forth from mirror to mirror. And I did a lot of bag-smelling. It was clear that Balenciaga uses the finest quality leathers. I can still think of the smell if I close my eyes and recall hard enough.

But carrying it around didn't help the fact that there wasn't something right about it. I didn't have totally good vibes about the purchase. The bag handles were a little too short for my muscly arms, fostered by a little too much tennis. And one of the handles kept slipping off, even when I had the bag filled with my laptop and other heavy accouterments.

In addition, I was very hesitant about purchasing a soft, light leather bag. The leather was so smooth that it could easily get scratched. I'm very careful with my bags, but I know that even the slightest mark (whether it be from pen or from some other source) would bother me. I tend to purchase darker bags because of possibilities like this.

Though I have those reservations, I do enjoy the experience of an aging bag. For instance, I look forward to the patina that will appear on my Vuitton bags (Speedy, Neverfull, etc.). After all, it is all about the journey of the piece itself.

I look forward to purchasing an all-leather Celine Mini Luggage in the future, and as much as I know I will baby it, the bag will get scratches. As Céline Creative Director Phoebe Philo stresses, it is all part of your bag's story.

I promised myself to not let light hues deter me anymore, but I will need to purchase some sort of hardened or pebbled leather in order to minimize potential damages.

For one week, I went back and forth between keeping and returning it. I still had that feeling in my gut that something wasn't right, so it was clear what decision I needed to make.

The most important thing is that you are in love with your bag, and that you have no buyer's remorse. That, by far, is the worst feeling. No one should be spending that much money on a bag with which they are only half in love. And that was my case with this beautiful Papier tote.

On a positive note, one thing I don't have now is returner's remorse.

Do you have a bag lust-and-loss story? For anyone that owns lighter bags, what advice would you give to others that are hesitant to buy because of the maintenance? If you've ever gotten anything on a light bag that you own, how did you clean it?


Look for Less: Contemporary Chic


Look for Less: Contemporary Chic

Take a look at these beautiful handbags, both contemporary and premier designer. They're on-trend and ready to take you from the spring into the summer and fall! Featured bags are from Rebecca Minkoff, Balenciaga, Kate Spade, Alexander Wang, and Givenchy.

Look for Less: Contemporary Chic
Look for Less: Minkoff vs. Balenciaga

First, lets check out my favorites out of the bunch! There's nothing more classic than a black tote. It's versatile as it works with outfits for any occasion. If you love Balenciaga's Papier tote, then you'll have an eye for Rebecca Minkoff's M.A.B. tote. The look is so chic and is perfect for both academia and the workplace. Both bags are large enough to carry work materials as well as the essentials and come in a variety of colors. The M.A.B. tote runs at $295 and the Papier tote starts at $1445.

Look for Less: Minkoff vs. Wang

I've been lusting after Alexander Wang's Rocco duffel for a while. The shape is so great and is large enough for the essentials and maybe a little more. Rebecca Minkoff brings her own version to the duffel trend with her Ascher carry-all. This is a fabulous handbag trend, and will be a fabulous pick for the summer. Again, these bags come in a variety of colors. The Ascher is $395 and the Rocco starts at $795.

Look for Less: Kate Spade vs. Givenchy

Though they don't starkly resemble each other, these two bags above share in their beautiful light blue/mint colors, stiff top handles and a convenient shoulder strap. Kate Spade has been making some pretty cute bags recently, including this Catherine Street Pippa. The Pippa is only available in one size, but the Givenchy Antigona comes in various sizes. Both bags, however, come in various colors and are appropriate for numerous occasions. The Pippa is $398 and the Antigona starts at $2,000.

Which trends are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!


The Shoulder Strap Holiday 2012 Picks

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The Shoulder Strap Holiday 2012 Picks

The first week of December is already coming to a close, and the holiday retail rush is still in full-swing with two days to go until Hanukkah begins and the remaining two weeks before Christmas!

Are you ready?!  If not, The Shoulder Strap has some great picks for you that are sure to make your loved ones happy! In this list are classics and useful neutrals to carry you through the formal holiday season and also throughout the year.


The Cross-bodyRebecca Minkoff's M.A.C. Daddy

Prada Saffiano Briefcase

The BriefcasePrada's Saffiano Flap Briefcase

Marc by Marc Marci Mirror

The WatchMarc by Marc Jacobs's Marci Mirror Strap 33mm

LV Flat Zip Pochette

The Evening ClutchLouis Vuitton's Zip Flat Pochette

Gucci iPad Case

The Tech AccessoryGucci's iPad Case

Close-up of RR necklace

The NecklaceRachel Reinhardt Jewelry's Layered Mixed Metal Swag Necklace

Balenciaga Velo Latte

The SatchelBalenciaga's Giant 12 Rose Gold Velo in Latte

Phillip Lim Ava pumps

The Heel3.1 Phillip Lim's Ava leather pumps

Rene Caovilla Pearl Thongs

The SandalRene Caovilla's Pearl-Strap Flat Slide Thong

Prada Studded Smoking Slipper

The FlatPrada's Studded Smoking Slipper

rag & bone shoes

The Dress Shoerag & bone's Bedford Classic Brogue in burgundy

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Givenchy Large Pandora Messenger in Black Pepe Leather


Givenchy Large Pandora Messenger in Black Pepe Leather

Let's face it--we're all working hard for the beautiful accouterments in our lives!

After a few freelance jobs and ruthless saving, I managed to snatch up one of these gorgeous Givenchy Pandora messenger bags. It was the last one in my local Neimans, and my boyfriend was kind enough to phone days ahead and save it for me--super sweet, yes? I've been pining over this bag for over half a year. It was time to make a move!

Givenchy Pandora messenger

I was looking for a bag that would be an alternate to my trusty Balenciaga and serve me well for IFBCON 2012 (Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in New York). The bag needed to be large and sturdy enough to fit an iPad or a small laptop, appropriate chargers, and the essentials. I also wanted something that was both discreet and luxurious. The black pepe, textured leather is both thick and gorgeous. Its integrity is amazing and the look is timeless.

It's rare that I buy a bag that I can use with the top handle. While using a bag on the elbow is undeniably trendy, to me it isn't comfortable and ends up being more of a burden than practical. Since I don't have the smallest of arms (I blame it on the tennis I played in high school), the Pandora is able to fit on my shoulder using the main handle and when used, I have no doubt that it is going to hold my items. For the strap options of this bag alone, the purchase was worth it.

After my Chloe mishap, I needed an experience like this to turn everything around. I couldn't be happier. I'm in bag-love!

Fashion bloggers, are you headed to IFBCON, too?