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"Old-School" Style: Stationery

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"Old-School" Style: Stationery

Some might not call this an "accessory", but I believe that having your own style in all the ways you communicate is not only a personal extension of yourself, but also a way of adding a very practical accessory to your arsenal.


Recently, I decided on investing in some stationery. While I love blogging and e-mail takes up most of my time, I'm still a sucker for receiving mail. In my opinion, nothing is classier than received a hand-penned note from your friends or loved ones--whether it's for a thank you or just to drop a hello or catch-up message.

Instead of opting for designer paperworks like Kate Spade, Lanvin, Crane, Bernard Maisner, or Vera Bradley, I decided to customize my stationery through a paperworks chain, Paper Source. After looking through many options, I opted on getting initials imprinted on a thick-stock A2 card and chose a brownish-gray "gravel" envelope with initial-matching "papaya" inserts.

I definitely don't send these babies often. Mostly because they did cost a little more than I had originally planned and also I have a desire for these cards to be special. It's true that I don't get to write often with these.  Either way I love them, and am excited to use these again soon!

Would you use personalized stationery? If you do, why do you like to use it?

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Fashion + Technology: Luxury iPad Case Roundup


Fashion + Technology: Luxury iPad Case Roundup



There's nothing sexier than combining fashion and technology. If you just got a tablet/iPad or are planning to purchase one, then look no further than these designer cases to help make your style decision. From Prada to YSL, Lanvin to Tory, there are plenty to choose from. Which ones are your favorite?

Prada Saffiano iPad Case This Prada iPad case is not only stunning because of its craftsmanship but also because of its professional look. Whether you're toting your iPad to a meeting or even just tucking it into your favorite bag, this iPad case is sure to turn heads.

Gucci Guccisima iPad Case If you want to stand out with your iPad, then this Gucci case is just the ticket. Lined in suede, this case will protect your device with style. This is the perfect metallic iPad sleeve!

Yves Saint Laurent Leather iPad Case Simply classy and understated, this YSL iPad sleeve is everything. Not only will you look professional, but your love for premier designer fashion will be evident.

Dolce & Gabbana Sequined-Pouch iPad Case You'll be the talk of the town with this sequined, strapped beauty. Chic is the perfect word to describe your technology style if this is what you choose. It is simply everything: tech-chic.

Lanvin iPad Cover If artsy is your thing, then this Lanvin iPad cover is for you. With a touch of avant-garde, this iPad case will look great with a bold, solid-color ensemble.

Marc Jacobs Quilted iPad Case Available in four colors, Marc Jacobs has put together a quilted fabulous iPad case. This case comes with lambskin lining and a front pouch to pop extra tech accessories in to take with you. For toting your iPad from job to job in style, this case is ideal.

Tory Burch Saffiano Tablet Case If you have a bold personality, the Tory Burch Saffiano case in this beautiful burnt orange is just for you. As this truly puts a "pop" into your ensemble, you will stand out in your meetings.

RootCases iPad 2 Case in Bamboo or Walnut

If you're into environmental sustainability, then this iPad 2 case from RootCases is right up your alley. You have your choice or bamboo or walnut--all selected by professional artisans. The case is designed to secure around your iPad automatically, as it is held closed by magnets. This is as bohemian chic as you can get!

For more information, check out these websites: