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Falling in Love with the Phantom

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Falling in Love with the Phantom

Whew! It's been quite a whirlwind of life events since my last post. But I couldn't go on any longer without posting about this beautiful Céline Phantom in Beige Supple Calfskin Leather.

Celine Phantom 2

Since receiving my beautiful Marc Jacobs in the mail, I've spent so much time selling unused pieces from my collection, even some that have appeared on my blog. There is absolutely nothing like cleansing you life--be it from clutter, negativity, or other unpleasant happenings around us. If you haven't already, take a moment and clear your life of clutter. I started my decluttering journey in my closet!

Celine Phantom in Beige

Once I sold plenty of my items via consignment, I had enough handbag funds to go searching for a new companion.

A long time ago I posted about my cousin's girlfriend's beautiful Taupe Celine Phantom. Every time I saw it, I would always silently (and sometimes not so silently) ooh and ah at its beauty. However, I know it was a little bit light for my taste. Luckily, the Phantom comes in a few different variations on that shade--some of them being Taupe, Light Khaki/Beige, and Khaki.

Celine Beige Phantom

The bag is incredibly soft and smells unbelievable. Not to mention, the leather is incredibly sturdy. It's a beautiful hue for all the seasons. I used this bag as a subject for a photo shoot about a month ago. Even after taking it outside and posing it next to various plants and--eek--even on the ground, it still looks brand new.

Phantom Face

This close-up above shows how the color of the bag changes depending upon in what light the bag appears. The pictures from the outdoor photo shoot are more Taupe-looking, except in most lights, the bag is most certainly darker.

Celine Phantom Interior

The Céline's beautiful suede interior is a touch darker than its exterior, making it a beautiful and discreet two-tone. As you can see above, the bag comfortably fits my MacBook Air 11" computer, iPad, folder, wallet, and other essentials. It can also fit my MacBook Pro Retina 15", but it stretches the bag a little. Though it can fit the larger computer and can certainly hold an incredible amount, I am not so keen about pushing the bag's boundaries. It never once felt as if it were going to break (so no worries there), but keeping the bag to a "healthy-full" is my preference for usage.

As far as value goes, you can't go wrong with Céline. After Louis Vuitton's most recent price increase, there are some canvas bags that push $2,000 USD with tax. When purchased, this all-leather and suede beauty cost $2700, just a little more than canvas from Vuitton. If you want leather from Vuitton, be prepared to fork out $3,000 USD or more. But Céline seems to be catching up, price-wise. In just two days on November 18, 2013, there is a market-wide price increase coming to Céline bags that is pushing $3,000 USD and up for the Mini Luggage tote. I'm not sure about the price for supple calfskin phantoms (like the one here) yet, but I will update the post with info when I do.

Overall, it is an incredibly wonderful bag. From the type of material to the value itself, it's a great fit to any handbag collection. You cannot go wrong with a Céline Phantom!

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Celine Phantom Luggage Tote in Taupe


Celine Phantom Luggage Tote in Taupe

I almost had a mini freak-out session last evening when my cousin's girlfriend showed me her newest acquisition--an absolutely beautiful Celine Phantom Luggage tote from the Celine Cruise 2012 collection.

Not only was I extremely giddy when she brought the bag out from her closet, but I was simply in awe of the structure and the integrity of the bag. Shown in the photo above, the bag can be worn with the sides out for more space and for a relaxed style. Alternatively, it can look more structured if the ends are belted and tucked inside the bag. It's definitely versatile to suit your needs. It feels so good on the elbow and isn't too cumbersome despite the bag's shape.

Covered in a beautiful soft leather on its exterior and its interior completely lined in suede, the Phantom's is absolutely gorgeous. There is a zippered pocket in both the interior of the bag and on the exterior with a braided leather zipper pull. Perfect to wear for an interview or out to a fun event, the bag is without a doubt discreet and classy. I'd love to invest in a Celine bag in the future.

Without a doubt, she has impeccable taste. I can't get over this bag!