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Céline's (Not-so) Nano


Céline's (Not-so) Nano

It took a while for me to fall in love with the smallest version of the luggage that we all know and love so much. Photos of people gracing the Nano--whether they were celebrities or simply stylish in the street--caught my eye.

I'm usually not one for small bags, but I decided to give the bag a chance. And between the stunning pictures I browsed and rave reviews online I read, my heart fell fast for this chic, little bag.

Celine Nano

I found this beauty on a quick day-trip to New York with a wonderful friend of mine. We explored Madison Avenue and ate at Bergdorf's to cap off our shopping trip--though I do admit we did sneak in a few more stores on Fifth Avenue, post-noshing.

This black, smooth leather cross body, though small, is both very spacious and chic. If you can believe it, it fits all of the items below.

Items pictured are: Louis Vuitton zippy wallet, pen case, change purse, sunglasses (with sleeve), tissues, keys, and lip gloss. I'd like to note that in addition to all of these items, the Nano can also fit an iPad Mini comfortably.

Nano Items

Despite the bag's size, Céline does not skimp on quality. It still comes loaded with the attention to detail that the larger Minis have. This is a smooth black leather Nano and like other smooth leather bags, the entire interior is lambskin.

Empty Nano

The Nano comes with a handy pocket in the back (also, all-leather), perfect for receipts, etc. Though I have noticed that if you put something rather heavy or angled in the back, it can protrude out from the back of the bag. Because I'd like for the bag to age well and retain its structure, I ceased placing bulky items in the back pocket.

Nano Filled

Even though the bag is smooth leather (keeps its structure better than pebbled or drummed leather), there still is possibility for damage since the leather is so supple.

I've owned this for almost a month now and have been using it near-constantly. It is a well-made bag, for sure. But it isn't immune to scratches or marks. If there is makeup on my hands, it tends to leave smudges that I have to remove often. But overall I love my choice of color. Because it's black, some imperfections are harder to see.

Nano with Items

As far as Célines go, this is my most-used bag, closely followed by the two Mini Luggages. I recall wanting to use either my Almond or Linen Mini to go out to get coffee and do errands, but I always found it so large and cumbersome for such small tasks.

The Nano is just perfect for the casual outing or a dressier date.

Nano Mod Shots

Here's a mod shot for good measure. It's perfect as a handheld bag but even better as a shoulder bag or crossbody.As you can see the Nano isn't really so "nano" at all. It can fit so much!

It's funny how a bag you originally weren't a fan of becomes something that you can hardly put down! I don't regret purchasing the Céline Nano at all.


BAO BAO by Issey Miyake

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BAO BAO by Issey Miyake

Have you seen one of these eclectic bags on the streets? You're looking at none other than Issey Miyake's newest creation--or piece of art, I'd say. Touted as "a bag you can feel", the BAOBAO handbag and accessories collection is not only stylish but also a conversation starter.

Bao Bao by Issey Miyake

Sold at speciality locations like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and at Issey Miyake boutiques, BAO BAO bags are hotter than ever. I received a pochette for a holiday gift, and it's super stylish and versatile, especially for day or evening events. What's really cool about all BAO BAO bags is that they can fold differently and therefore create different shapes due to what is inside of them. Miyake's outlook on the BAO BAO collection is that they become "shapes made by chance". It is the ideal bag for contemporary, busy lifestyles. They are available in a multitude of colors and in different shapes and sizes.

I can definitely attest to its light and flexible nature. The pochette is small but still large enough to fit your phone, wallet and other small essentials. There's also a shoulder strap, so the bag can be worn cross-body. The BAO BAO pieces are truly a dynamic addition to any collection.

What do you think of Issey Miyake's newest line?

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We're Back!


We're Back!

Apologies for the lack in posting! Ever since my lovely spring break with my Damier Azur Neverfull, school has been seriously crazy and I embarked on an unannounced mini-hiatus. But now, I'm done with classes and about to embark on my master's thesis!

And it's now the summer--so I'll be back very soon with accessories galore! :)

Thank you readers, for sticking with me!