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Blast from the Past: Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Sophia Bag


Blast from the Past: Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Sophia Bag

On a recent trip to Nantucket, I brought out my white accessories in full-force! One of my favorite pieces I brought on the trip with me is this Marc Jacobs Sophia bag.

MJ bag 2

When I was a young, burgeoning fashionista, one of my family members gifted me a Limited Edition Marc Jacobs Sophia pochette in antique white. The Sophia bag was produced as one of the Marc Jacobs classic bags like the Stella, Cammie, Venetia, and Multi-Pocket.

I treasured the bag and would wear it all the time, of course minding the bag so it wouldn't get dirty. The bag looked almost exactly like the one pictured in this post, although it was its little sibling--the bag fit under my shoulder but the entirety of the bag was covered by my arm. Perfect for a teen! I haven't seen the bag in years, though I'm sure it's somewhere in my parents' house.

Years later, I thought of the Sophia bag numerous times. I longed for the larger version that I was previously just too young to afford. I had almost given up the search, since I was sure I wouldn't find one for sale, let alone one in great condition.

MJ profile

After a very diligent session of scouring the internet, I found one on sale at a consignment shop! For being stored in a closet for over almost a decade, this vintage beauty was a great find. Not only were the tags left on it from Neiman Marcus ( it originally cost a modest $975 for a limited edition MJ collection piece), but it was without a musty closet smell.

MJ bag details

My favorite aspects of this bag are not only its luxe white calfskin leather, but also its size, shape and minute nautical accents. This Sophia has a handle drop that fits comfortably on the shoulder. It can easily fit an iPad 2 or 3 along with a book, wallet, MP3 player, and other essentials. From the buttery leather to the details such as the hardware, limited edition nameplate, and the milky-yellow suede interior, quality is abundant in this shoulder bag. This Sophia is my most favorite pre-loved/vintage piece that I've picked up to date!


Do you have any amazing finds?


Bombshell Bags from VOGUE Ads, March 2013


Bombshell Bags from VOGUE Ads, March 2013

Beyonce Vogue

In the March 2013 of American VOGUE (where Beyonce graces the cover), there are some seriously hot handbags being advertised. I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you!

Prada bag

Let's start off with this gorgeous Prada. Reminiscent of the Vuitton S/S 2012 Suship Speedy North/South, this handbag is super hot for the spring and summer. Its shape is similar to its sister bags, the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote.

Marc Jacobs

Marc knows how to create a stunner! With a simple white ensemble, this Marc Jacobs"Hairy Prisoners" tote in Domino will look drop-dead gorgeous. Inspired by 60s Op-Artist Briget Riley, the striped tote is lined in leather and has antique silver hardware. Available at for $2,295US.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is ushering in spring with this absolutely stunning Large Miranda Crackled Leather Tote. The structured shape and the  hanging leather accents make this bag a definite conversation piece. It's additionally available in yellow and brown. Available for sale at for $1,195US.


Such a beautiful nude hue! Belstaff is promoting this exotic Nottingham tote for spring/summer 2013. It's very understated and chic. I can picture this bag used for a beautiful day out on the town or out for cocktails at a cafe by the water. Just a beautiful piece!


Hugo Boss impresses with this (on right) beautiful brown leather tote for spring/summer 2013. It looks to be a comfortable yet sleek keep-all tote. This bag will definitely work the whole way through summer into the fall.


Salvatore Ferragamo makes a statement with this Sofia bag in Ash for spring/summer 2013. The studs make it so much more fun and undeniably a statement piece. The neutral color makes the bag essentially season-less. I can picture this bag as a cross-body when it's snowing for a winter white stunner or as a white-hot summer piece. You can really go any way with this handbag.


Last but not least is this jaw-droppingingly beautiful green python bag from Tod's. This bag is meant to be a statement piece as it exudes elegance and exclusivity. Its pop of color is certain to complete a subtle, effortless look.


Bag Twins:  Roberto Cavalli & Oscar de la Renta for Target


Bag Twins: Roberto Cavalli & Oscar de la Renta for Target

Okay, so while these aren't exactly the same, the color and shape of both bags caught my eye. They vastly differ in price, so I knew this would be an interesting comparison!

Oscar + Target 5

The Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Studded Florence Bag is a white-hot bag for the spring. Made of 100% calf leather, it has a southwestern flare with its swirly studs and an urban appeal with its gilded python-motif lock. There are two top handles and an additional shoulder strap for carrying ease. This Florence bag is a great addition to a bright, spring outfit--I'm thinking: bright blouse and white skinny jeans... While obviously fabulous, this will put you back near $3,000USD. But if you are in love, then what can I say?

Cavalli Florence Bag

This is the Oscar de la Renta Tote from the Neiman Marcus-Target Holiday Shop Collection. The bag is quite structured. It's constructed with floral printed coated cotton canvas and on either side of the bag there are snaps to either make the bag wider or tighter. Unlike the bag previous, it's not as detailed in construction and is rather simple, but what can you expect for a price point under $100? And with the Oscar brand to boot? Though the collection wasn't particularly successful, this bag's price is incredibly reasonable, though not a showstopper.

Oscar de la Renta for Target

The Neiman Marcus-Target collection is no longer available for sale at Neiman Marcus, Last Call NM, or Target, but there are plenty of these available on eBay both under, at, and over the original price of $59.99. I do own this bag, and it's perfect for a spring/summer school tote. You can definitely fit notebooks, some textbooks, your essentials, etc. Just try not to get it dirty!

Did you like anything from the Neiman Marcus-Target collection?


Organize in Style: Louis Vuitton Kusama Dots Infinity Agenda


Organize in Style: Louis Vuitton Kusama Dots Infinity Agenda

So, iCal is nice. I enjoy using a cloud-controlled calendar. It's convenient and let's face it, it makes me feel "on top of things". But there is nothing that is going to take away the place of a beautiful, paper agenda.

LV Agendas

I must admit, I was particularly drawn to the yellow/black combination because I'm a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan (born and raised near "da Burgh"). It's not as subtle as my other accessories, but it's incredibly fun and is a great mini-agenda for the road. It's especially perfect when a larger agenda or even an iPad wont do.

This particular small agenda is in the Infinity Dots collection (also available in red/white and black/white), but recently released as well in a Monogram Town Dots pattern in red, green, and white. See below.

Do you use an agenda in addition or instead of the calendar on your phone, tablet, or computer?


Blast from the Past: Apple iPod Photo, 2005


Blast from the Past: Apple iPod Photo, 2005

What is more chic than an Apple product? Seriously.

You could call me an "Apple fangirl", but their products are consistently practical, high-performance, and stylistically pristine. As an iPhone 4 user, I love the sleek and thin phone, but I long for the old iPod look. I don't like using my iPhone as an iPod; I prefer to save the battery. So, I started looking for an old iPod, only to find this one from 2005 and the new iPod Classic. The iPod Classic is great, but is nothing like the old iPod Photo!

Apple iPod Photo

It's super-chic and has totally turned heads--I mean, who uses this anymore? You don't have to have a brand, spanking-new iPod to be "in" or to be chic. This is a fantastic option that still works with the current Apple computers and iTunes.

What's your favorite vintage tech?